Yesterday we talked about ‘Stuck in Love’ starring Greg Kinnear and Kristen Bell, that was shot here last summer.  Well, we need to congratulate Kristen along with Dax Shepard.  It’s a beautiful healthy baby girl for the couple!  Congratulations!


Alright, let’s kick things off with some love for CBS…Under the Dome is off on this Good Friday but will be back in action on Monday shooting on Chestnut St. Monday  It’s a simple scene.  Characters chatting it up in front of a house.  They are also making up a rain day by shooting additional scenes at Wallace Park.

On a side note, Dean Norris, who plays James Rennie on the show, is totally smitten with NC, but hey we know that.  Aren’t all the actors that come here?  He tweeted yesterday, “Good morning North Carolina. Such a beautiful thang.  Fallin in love already”  Of course you are, Dean!

Now these guys are going to be hanging out at Wondercon in Anaheim!  And they have their own panel which includes the fabulous Brian K. Vaughan, Rachelle LeFevre & Dean Norris.

Also in attendance which will be a big to-do is the Revolution team!  And for the fourth straight year, Warner Brothers Television kicks off WonderCon with preview screenings of series that are total fan-favorites  This year Warner Brothers is shining the light on our show!  They will unveil the world premiere of a new, previously unaired episode of Revolution.  Many of the big wigs and cast members and are in attendance today.

But there is one cast member who won’t be there; she’s got more important things to do, like softball games and writing her own music.  7 year old, Morgan Hinkleman, who plays young Charlie on the NBC series shows off her mad songwriting skills.  Here’s a clip!

That girl has better lyrics than most songs on the radio right now!!  Way to go Morgan!

That just about does it for me, I will have more Wilmywood updates for you on Monday and every morning (Monday-Friday) at 8:30am.  Until then, that’s a wrap!




Okay, so let’s start off with some sad news.  Mainly because he was such a great guy!  Wilmington local screenwriter, Don Payne, a 1982 New Hanover High School graduate died Tuesday in LA. He was 48, and left his beautiful wife and young kids.  He’d been battling bone cancer for several years.

He won four Emmys and received six Writer’s Guild Award noms for his writing and producing on “The Simpsons.” Don also wrote the screenplay for “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” and “Thor.”  He wrote drafts for the movies “Thor: The Dark World” which will be released in November as well as James Patterson’s much anticipated “Maximum Ride,” which is still in development.  (If you haven’t read the series, get on it!  Awesome young adult fiction!)

Alright who is shooting where today?

Today,  you can spot the incredible cast and crew of Revolution downtown as they are shooting on S. 3rd Street.  As for an order for season two?  No one knows yet, but word has it, we will find out next week if will get more NBC love here in Wilmington.



Now let’s go back Under the Dome!  According to onlookers, crew and cast, they all agree that yesterday’s shoot went awesome and the explosions looked amazing!  As I told you yesterday, the scene involves a house catching on fire and in turn sets another house ablaze. mattborn So now we are on to day two, the cast and crew are at Wallace Park again today, then they head back to 23rd St. at EUE/ Screen Gems Studios for some interior “On my God, my house is on fire!” shots.

The StarNews took some great shots, so visit starnewsonline.com and check out the sweet photo gallery by the talented photog Matt Born.  Under the Dome premieres on CBS June 24.

Now let’s go back to some movies that were shot in 2011 and 2012.

‘Stuck in Love’ starring Greg Kinnear and Kristen Bell was shot here last summer.  It will be released in the next few months, but it is unclear exactly when.  WECT says April.  Cutie pie Cassie Foss of the Star News says June.  Watch the full trailer with your face!


The film Arthur Newman will have a limited release on April 26.  This is the dramatic comedy, which filmed here in Wilmington and other NC locations back in 2011.  ARTHUR-NEWMAN-POSTER_612x612The movie stars Colin Firth who loved Wilmington so, so much.  How much?  When he worked on the movie Main Street back in 2010 which was shot in Durham, he would drive to Wrightsville Beach on his time off.  One of the reasons he agreed to do the Arthur Newman flick, was actually to return to Wrightsville Beach.

Love it!  Alright – I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow and every morning at 8:30am on Sunny 104.5.  Post your comments below!




First up is the financial film report for NC…it’s looking good my friends! As the first quarter of 2013 comes to an end, the North Carolina Film Office (NCFO) reports “record-breaking numbers for the state’s film industry.” From NCFilm, they explain, “Over 20 productions have indicated they intend to film, or have already begun filming, in North Carolina, with a total direct in-state spend in excess of $138 million while creating more than 13,000 job opportunities, including 2,100 well-paying crew positions for the state’s highly skilled film professionals.”

My favorite part? They went on to say… “Much of the new-found success of the North Carolina film industry is directly attributed to the bi-partisan legislation in 2010 that created a 25 percent refundable tax credit for productions, based on their direct in-state spending on goods, services and labor.” DAMN RIGHT!!!  KEEP THE FILM INCENTIVES!

Can I get a SWEET AMEN!

Now, let’s break down what else is going on…

The NBC Revolution team might be rethinking moving (RUMORS: to Charlotte, Raleigh or Atlanta) if a second season is ordered. I’m thinking that CGI was good enough for season one, so why not continue cuz hey, if it ain’t broke…ya know!


Now as for our Spielberg/King CBS show, Under the Dome, the big flamin’ shoot is today and tomorrow. Yep, the big house fire will be at Wallace Park…it’s already under way…they will be shooting today and tomorrow from 7a to 7p. As far as storyline goes, a house catches on fire and sets another house ablaze.

under-the-dome-cbsPolice and neighbors try to put it out, but they can’t use water to put the fire out so they will have to use another source, which I will not say. I don’t want to give it all away. But I can say after all is said and done and the show airs, there will be explosions too. The controlled burn will be monitored by the Wilmington Fire Department who will be on site at all times for safety.

The awesome set guys built 2 facades of houses (build with wood – empty inside) and are located at Wallace park. They have over 100 cast and crew members involved. This is gonna me awesome! Under the Dome premieres on CBS June 24.

Now just about EVERYONE is stoked about this flick. The big budget, Tammy. melissaIt stars Identity Thief’s Melissa McCarthy and is coming along just fine in pre-production mode here in Wilmington.  Production begins around May 6th. We had rumored reports about Shirley MacClaine but she is out and guess who is in? Kathy Bates! Plus, we round the incredible cast with Susan Sarandon! Wow! I wanna meet all three!

Post your comments below.  That’s a wrap!