Yesterday we talked about ‘Stuck in Love’ starring Greg Kinnear and Kristen Bell, that was shot here last summer.  Well, we need to congratulate Kristen along with Dax Shepard.  It’s a beautiful healthy baby girl for the couple!  Congratulations!


Alright, let’s kick things off with some love for CBS…Under the Dome is off on this Good Friday but will be back in action on Monday shooting on Chestnut St. Monday  It’s a simple scene.  Characters chatting it up in front of a house.  They are also making up a rain day by shooting additional scenes at Wallace Park.

On a side note, Dean Norris, who plays James Rennie on the show, is totally smitten with NC, but hey we know that.  Aren’t all the actors that come here?  He tweeted yesterday, “Good morning North Carolina. Such a beautiful thang.  Fallin in love already”  Of course you are, Dean!

Now these guys are going to be hanging out at Wondercon in Anaheim!  And they have their own panel which includes the fabulous Brian K. Vaughan, Rachelle LeFevre & Dean Norris.

Also in attendance which will be a big to-do is the Revolution team!  And for the fourth straight year, Warner Brothers Television kicks off WonderCon with preview screenings of series that are total fan-favorites  This year Warner Brothers is shining the light on our show!  They will unveil the world premiere of a new, previously unaired episode of Revolution.  Many of the big wigs and cast members and are in attendance today.

But there is one cast member who won’t be there; she’s got more important things to do, like softball games and writing her own music.  7 year old, Morgan Hinkleman, who plays young Charlie on the NBC series shows off her mad songwriting skills.  Here’s a clip!

That girl has better lyrics than most songs on the radio right now!!  Way to go Morgan!

That just about does it for me, I will have more Wilmywood updates for you on Monday and every morning (Monday-Friday) at 8:30am.  Until then, that’s a wrap!


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