I blogged about this a couple of weeks ago, but it was blended with other news.  Based on the amount of views it is still receiving, I decided to make it a stand alone blog.  So, here we go, where does Hollywood dine in Wilmington?

Actor Tim Guinee from NBC’s Revolution told me one of his favorites was “Manna” (123 Princess St.) in downtown Wilmington.  If fact, the entire Revolution cast can agree on “Manna.”  Tim also said he really enjoys the “Flying Pi Kitchen” (402 Chestnut St.) just down the street.

Brunch at “The Basics” (319 N Front St) is a MUST downtown for the stars especially the day after a long overnight shoot!  If you drive just outside of downtown you will find a restaurant called, “Rx” ( 421 Castle St.).  This seems to be one the favorites for cast members of Under the Dome.

Sushi is also a common favorite among the stars.  And three local hot spots made Hollywood taste buds sing!  If you remember not long ago, “Yo Sake” ( 31 South Front Street) was practically a second home to the cast of One Tree Hill.  “Nikki’s” downtown location ( 221 N Front St.) is another hot spot as well as popular for sushi TO GO!

Not all the favorites were in the downtown area, however.  Director Casey LaScala (The Remaining/Donnie Darko) enjoyed heading to the Wrightsville Beach area.  He was a regular at the “Bento Box” (1121 Military Cutoff Rd.).

Actor Dean Norris as well as actresses, Rachelle LeFevre and Sharon Lawrence all agree that  local favorite “Catch” (6623 Market St) is a MUST DINE restaurant.  Then again, when you have a chef like Keith Rhodes, who wouldn’t LOVE IT!  If you missed it, check him out on Season 9 of Bravo’s Top Chef!  Rachelle, by the way, is also a fan of “Dixie Grill” (116 Market St.) & she says the best Sunday fried chicken is at “Cracker Barrel” (21 Van Campen Blvd).

Where have you seen the stars dining?  Post your comments below.  I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow and every morning (Monday-Friday) at 8:30am.  Also,  gotta good Thai recipe?  post it below! Until then, that’s a wrap!

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