WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD – 06/05/2013 – Want Tickets to the Under the Dome Premiere?

Wilmywood Film Peep of the Day


Sean Bozeman – Production

Happy Wednesday!  Did I get any sleep last night, you ask?  That would be a negative!  Must be slappy happy cuz I am in a very good mood indeed!  Maybe because we got some FUN FUN FUN stuff to talk about!

utd_wilmington_premiereWell, Cassie Foss with the Star News went ahead and spilled the beans.  Yes, the big news I’ve been teasing you with is the BIG LOCAL premiere of Under the Dome.  It’s gonna be four days prior to the television premiere.   We at Sunny 104.5 are proud to team up with CBS and our sister station CBS10-WILM to bring this event to Wilmington.  And here’s the best part!    I hope karma is in your favor, because you could be going to this fabulous UTD Red Carpet event.  That’s Right!  We’ve got tickets!  The premiere will be held at Thalian Hall, Main Stage, Thursday, June 20th at 6:30pm.  Oh, did I mention VERY SPECIAL GUESTS will be in attendance?  How about Rachelle LeFevre, Dean Norris, Natalie Martinez, Mike Vogel, Britt Robinson, plus the main man, Stephen King himself.  It will include a Q&A session with the UTD team!  Make sure you listen to Sunny 104.5 and visit the web site as I can’t wait to spill it!  And of course give away tickets to this one-of-a-kind event!  I will dish when I am allowed to!  Go ahead, gimme a “Woo Hoo!”  Ya know you wanna!


Ms. Penny Lane

BartenderSheilaI decided it would be a good thing for me to live the life of an extra for the next two days.  Really dive into why people love working background so much. I did get to meet Susan Sarandon and her pretty puppy Ms. Penny while getting my wardrobe for the day.  Let me first tell you yesterday was a loooong day! I did the Sunny Morning Show, then went straight to the set of Tammy at the Blue Post downtown.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Still waiting.  The blood in my veins began to congeal.  Waited some more.  Convos in the room spread through the echoing banquet room like white noise, endangering my mind to slip into a deep coma.  “BARTENDER?”  What?  What was that?  Oh, me, that’s me!  Oh, joy to move the limbs!  Like melted butter down a hungry man’s throat at Red Lobster, the blood started coursing once again!  I am ready…

To wait once again.  What the – !  What just happened?  It’s like waiting in line for two hours to ride The Zephyr, and the damn teenager who runs the ride decides it’s time for a long smoke break just as you make it to the front of the line.  :::::SIGH :::::

FINALLY – we make it to set!  All the lights, all the cameras, all the action!  Now wer’re havin’ fun.  Of course, you can’t talk, so I like to entertain myself.  I find that pantomiming really dirty things brings a smile to my face, and any lip reading guys within 10 feet of me. Okay, that part wasn’t true, but I wanted too!  Can I tell you just how damn funny Melissa McCarthy is!  The comedic timing is brilliant and her ad-libs are better than the script (that she co-wrote).

Zach Hanner

Zach Hanner

My friend Zach Hanner got to bounce quite a few lines with her in this scene, great to watch a local perform with the big Hollywood players.  But the most endearing experience was when Charles Calhoun was at the bar, who I was serving in the scene.  His first position was a direct camera shot.  Then he was asked to move so only his back was in the camera’s eye.

Charles Calhoun

Charles Calhoun

 I think Melissa could tell that he was bummed.  She walked over, introduced herself, then explained the reason she moved him.  It was because she really liked his shirt.  But she didn’t stop there.  She actually made sure that they had a moment on camera together for a beat before she walked past the bar.  Wow!  It was so touching.  Humanity at its finest and a total class act.  I am really loving this woman!  So, yeah I am about to pass out.  I will have to tell you more stories tomorrow!  The Tammy crew is back at the Blue Post today!

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning and every weekday morning at 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me: sheila@1045sunnyfm.com.  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  Or just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!



  1. I have been a Constant Reader since I was about 12 years old! I remember watching my mother read The Stand and Pet Sematary while young boy and wished I was old enough to read such long adult novels. And as I progressed from R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books to the Fear Street books, I picked up my first King novel.

    I walked in my mothers room, picked up The Dark Half, and never put down Mr. King as my Constant Author! So needless to say I would be honored to have the opportunity to win tickets to watch a piece of Wilmington history with the Under The Dome premier, and the amazing chance to sit in on a Q&A session.

    Thank you SOOOO much Sunny 104.5 for bringing us this great opportunity!!!!!

  2. Wahoo!!! I have been called back for tomorrow so we can warm the bench together! I also saw Susan and her puppy while i was at wardrobe. They gave me my signature XXL orange shirt with the beautiful butterflies and rhinestones on it that I grew to love. (Let’s not forget the stylish brown shoes) I was finally picked close to quitting time last night and was sitting at the table by the bar (Blonde with butterfly shirt) and decided to toast my fellow cast mates during the scene and spilled my delish sticky wine on myself! I asked the bartender (guess who) for a wet towel and the beautiful bartender gave me grief!!! 😄 (Was that scripted?)

    Did I mention how excited I am about returning tomorrow? See you there!!! Wahoo!

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