Melissa McCarthy Responds to Cruel Weight Comments

the_heat_melissa_mccarthey_photoshopRemember a few days ago when I posted this HORRIBLE Photoshop job for the movie poster of The Heat?  What was the point of taking about 30 lbs off Melissa McCarthy?  What is there to hide?  Everyone knows her size, and she loves herself the way she is, so what gives?

Well, she finally spoke about that and the hateful review from Rex Reed when Identity Thief came out and referred to her as, “cacophonous, tractor-sized Melissa McCarthy.”  Wow, can someone please bitch slap him?  But before you do, please throw the $171 million I.T. made at the worldwide box office in his face.  It’s one thing to not like a movie and give it a bad review, but it’s another when you throw in hateful, personal digs.

Her response is not surprising.  Again, this woman’s got class!  Read the article:

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