WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD – 07/03/2013 – Short and Sweet

A slow day, thank goodness!  Sorry, was that selfish?  I swear I need an intern!

232323232%7Ffp43799)nu=4 );79)233)WSNRCG=36 3 3(48;324nu0mrjThe big news is, of course, the ratings for Monday night’s Under the Dome.  Episode 2 pulled in 11.8 million viewers after all was said and done, this time being #1 in its time slot!  A call for Season two can’t be far away.  Locations today will be Chestnut St. and the 6th St. Bridge.

Expect some intermittent road closures during the Chestnut St. shoot between 17th and 19th as well as 18th St. between Princess and Grace.

Also intermittent road closures for the bridge shot on Campbell between 5th and 7th, Redcross between 5th and 7th and on 6th between Campbell and Walnut

Once they flip their cameras, on Brunswick between 5th and 7th, Bladen between 5th and 7th and on 6th between Brunswick and Harnett.

WF_ad-donateAfter the airing of Episode 2, the fabulous Rachelle LeFevre tweeted, “4 Arizona’s lost firefighters & due 2 theme of tonight’s Under The Dome I’m donating 2 Wildland Firefighter Foundation.”  I hope she sparked a good fire in people’s hearts to do the same.

Eastbound and Down heads back to the Cameron Arts Museum today.

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