STAR MAGAZINE REPORTS: Hair Stylist gets bit on set in Wilmywood

NicoleBeharieOkay so the Star Magazine, you know, the tabloid publication, gotta hold of the story, so I guess I should let you know about it.  As you know I don’t report negative stories very often, but this one has already hit the entertainment buzzfeeds, so it must be done.

They reported Nicole Beharie, the actress who plays Abbie on Sleepy Hollow had a strange moment with her hair stylist. According to the story, Nicole asked Joyce, the hair stylist, if her hands were clean and when she reached over, Nicole bit her so hard she drew blood.  Joyce had to go to the hospital and get a tetanus shot.  No one is quite sure why the actress did what she did, but Beharie says she doesn’t remember doing it. Again, it’s from a tabloid, so take it not just with a grain of salt, but an entire salt lick! But as all tabloids do, they embellish.  My sources tell me that no crew members  are “barking” at her when she walks and haven’t seen anyone in the cast doing such nonsense as reported by the tabloid.

After all that being said, we weren’t there, and in my opinion, whoever leaked this story seems to be looking for attention or a pay check.



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