WHAT DO WE DO? NC Film Grassroots Call to Action

There is a brand new web site that has just launched their Call to Action campaign for those who wish to keep NC Film alive.  On the web site you will find every legislator for every county in North Carolina.  They are a collaboration of all walks of life who support the North Carolina Film Industry.  Crew members, vendors, local restaurant and business owners.  What will it mean to you if the film industry leaves?  Check it out, it’s a great grassroots campaign and if you love NC Film and want to end the sunset indefinitelyDO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!




1 Comment

  1. I finaly have time for myself in life, I have discovered what I love to do, after raising 8 brothers and sisters, one ex husband and three daughters, Please keep the incentives going in north Carolina, I have 30 dollars to my name but I adore acting. I will wear a sign whatever it takes. Sharon kane

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