NC vs GA Film Incentives Made Simple

NCvsGAThere are a lot of people out there that don’t know the difference between states who offer “credits” and those who offer “rebates.”  No worries.  Sometimes things aren’t explained to us in the simplest of forms.  I know I need things to be explained to me like you are talking to a five year old to actually get it myself!  So, here ya go and lemme know if you understand it clearly enough!  Of course this is very general and a lot goes into both programs, but this is what it is, in its most simplest form.  Post your comments below!

Let’s say you are from California and you decided to go shopping at a lovely unique boutique called Georgia.  You are pleased with what they have and you spend $100 at the store.  The clerk says, “Hello there!  Here is a $30 in-store credit to our store for your next purchase.  You have up to five years to use it.  Thank you for shopping at our lovely boutique.”  Well, that is very nice, however, you are not planning to come back to Georgia any time soon, but you sure would love to have at least some of that $30, right?  So, you think of your friends and colleagues who might find their way to Georgia.  Perhaps maybe one of them would love to use that in-store credit.  You got really lucky and found someone that agreed to buy it from you for 85 cents on the dollar.  So now you’ve got about $25 in your pocket.

Now there is another fabulous boutique store called North Carolina.  Being from California, you are again pleased with this store, finding exactly what you are looking for and you pay the clerk $100.  The clerk says, “Thank you for spending $100 in my store.  Here is $25 back. We hope you come back soon.”  End of story.

The NC Film incentives are simple and easy.  No hoops to jump through.  That’s one HUGE reason why production companies love filming here.  So, let’s continue to fight to keep our 25% film incentives.  Visit

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