WILMYWOOD DAILY EXCLUSIVE: Marvel’s Savage Wolverine



scott lopeI am so excited to get the exclusive on this story.  Our boy, Scott Lope, the founder of Animal Warriors based right here in Wilmington, is now officially a comic book writer!  Who is Scott Lope?  For those who don’t know, Scott is a major animal advocate and was deemed Animal Planet’s Hero of the WARepoYear just a couple of years ago for the work that he did with lions and tigers.  You may have spotted him on the Discovery Channel as the star of Wild Animal Repo (First two episodes are available on Netflix).

Scott is always looking for new avenues to raise awareness about the plight of wild animals.  One medium that has rarely touched on this subject is super hero comic books.  He was able to take his passion to pen and as a lifetime comic geek, found the perfect place to tell the story.  He was hired by Marvel to write a kick ass Wolverine story with superstar artist Phil Jimenez.  The result is Savage Wolverine issues 12 and 13.

“In telling this awesome Wolverine story, we found the perfect place to really make people understand the severity of the poaching epidemic on rhinos and elephants,” Scott said.  “This is truly an extinction event that most people have no idea is happening as we speak.”  He really turned the light on in my brain when he said,  “an elephant is killed for its ivory tusks every 15 minutes.”

elephantWhat?  So, lemme get this straight, while I am watching Sleepy Hollow, there are four elephants killed.  That’s four elephants that are never coming back.  That blows my mind.

The first part of the story (Savage Wolverine issue 12) goes on sale Wednesday, November 27th.  It will be available at all comic book stores nationwide as well as a digital download on Marvel.com.

elephantsThe best part (and why I truly LOVE this guy) is that a big portion of any money he personally receives from this project will go to SanWild Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa to protect the animals he so dearly loves!

If you want to help Scott and his Animal Warriors or get involved in any way, contact Scott directly through his facebook page!

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