KEVIN SIZEMORE: A Special Message to Wilmywood

kevin-sizemoreMost Domies will agree Kevin Sizemore‘s time in Wilmington during Under the Dome was not long enough.  Speaking with so many, they will tell you he is adored for his charm and his kind spirit to all who meet him.  He instantly became part of our Wilmywood family.  As you can tell, there is a special place in his heart for Wilmington as well.  But let’s not forget about Terry Kiser, another great actor who graced us with his presence in one of our favorite movies from the 80’s in Weekend at Bernie’s!  Well, the two have teamed up with a great cast in A Christmas Tree Miracle. As an added bonus for all you Love Boat fans, Kevin_ChristmasJill Whelan (Vicki Stubing) also stars. It’s gonna be a great stocking-stuffer, however, I can’t wait.  The only place I am stuffing this movie is in my DVD player!  Stat!  I absolutely love heart-warming holiday stories that make you forget about the big box hustle and bustle that comes with Christmas.  This 5 Star Dove Foundation rated film comes out December 2nd, but you can get the DVD and some great merchandise from the movie.  CHECK IT OUT NOW!  And while you’re at it, give Kevin and the cast some love on the movie’s Facebook page!

More about A Christmas Tree Miracle:

The George family had it all — a beautiful home, the newest cars, and a tree full of presents every year for Christmas. The only thing they were missing was…each other. When the father, David (Kevin Sizemore), loses his high-paying job, the Georges soon begin losing all the finer things they had become accustomed to, including their home. All seems lost until an act of kindness by David leads to an act of kindness provided in return. An eccentric Christmas tree farmer, Henry Banks (Terry Kiser), befriends the family and welcomes them to stay with him indefinitely at his farm house. On the farm, without the distractions of material goods, the family grows closer. They learn that no amount of money or fancy clothes can replace the closeness and love of family. “A Christmas Tree Miracle” reminds us that in the holiday season, the best gifts in life are the simple ones and, miracles do happen, if you believe.

ResurrectionSo what else has Kevin been up to?  Well, he’s moved on from Chester’s Mill, but he will yet again be faced with things far from reality as we know it. Kevin’s landed a reoccurring role in the ABC Drama, Resurrection.  Spoiler TV has been following Kevin and wrote, “Following his memorable recurring role as Paul Randolph, the man who shot the Dome, in the summer hit Under the Dome, Kevin once again finds himself in a small close knit town dealing with an unexplainable phenomenon.”  Well put!  Resurrection, like Under the Dome is based in a small town as well as based on a novel .  The Returned by Jason Mottby.  The show is about the people of Arcadia, Missouri whose lives are forever changed when their deceased loved ones suddenly begin to return.  Get ready for the premiere Sunday, March 9 at 10/9c on ABC.

On a personal note, Kevin, I appreciate your kind words and we are all grateful that we got the chance to spend time with you while you were here! We can’t wait for you to come back!  Love and more love from Wilmywood!!

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  1. I met Mr. Sizemore a few times while he was in Wilmington and he treated me the same way every single time. He was outgoing and you could see that he cares about people. Really good article and I’m gonna buy his movie now.

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