BREAKING: Sleepy Hollow Will Return to Wilmington, NC for Season 2


After all the rumors on the lot speculating about whether our beloved Sleepy Hollow would return to Wilmington or not for Season 2, my sources tell me we can now officially RELAX! The 20th Century Fox Television series will return to Wilmington in 2014 for Season 2.  An official announcement will be made shortly.  When I last spoke to the production office, I was told Sleepy Hollow employs up to 500 people.  After all, they work around the clock like mad, having sometimes up to 3 units running in one day.  That’s A LOT of jobs for one show! Thank you 20th Century Fox for keeping our incredible NC Film crew working! Plus, they spend an ungodly amount of money at our local businesses. Post your excitement and gratitude below!! Can I get a “Woop Woop!”


  1. A great deal of gratitude should be voiced by locals to this Productionof Sleepy Hollow…employment is an imperative and opportunities in our area are scarce. This is fantastic news for local and regional commerce, also. I hope people will stop seeing filming activity as a irritation while making a commute and view it as a pleasure to have anything that helps our economy thrive. Thanks “yall” !

  2. What a pleasure to note in the credits that “Sleepy Hollow” films in North Carolina…I just assumed it was Vancouveur, BC. Nothing against our Canadian friends, but it is nice to see an actual locale in the US.

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