Hank and Jed Sets Premiere Date for Doraleous & Associates


I don’t know why people are so damn eager for this news!  It’s only been what a couple of years? Ha!  So kidding!  Of course we are all excited!  I mean, for cryin’ out loud, the fans gave over $82,000 to Hank and Jed’s Kickstarter Campaign last Spring to bring this show back!  Well, the wait is over.  I had the honor of getting the exclusive scoop this week and the Wilmington boys took the time to answer some Doraleous lovers’ questions.

Are you new to Doraleous & Associates?  Watch the 1st 36 episodes now!  The new season will include 13 episodes and will air on Hank and Jed’s Youtube Channel. Check out D&A’s Facebook .

More on Hank and Jed Movie Pictures:

Web site: http://www.HankandJedMoviePictures.com

Facebook: HankJed

Twitter:  @HankandJed

YouTube: HankandJed

Google +:  +HankandJed


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