Marty Siu Dives into The Red Zone

MartySiuThe Nikki Tuscano project that NBC is shooting for CBS, The Red Zone has hired their extras casting director.  Congrats to Marty Siu of Marty Siu Casting.  After taking a nice break after Spongebob 2 in Savannah, GA, enjoying the time with her kids, she’s ready to get back in on the action.  And action is her forte.  It looks like this is a perfect marriage.

This is one of those edge of your seat shows that reminds me of the excitement 24 brings when it comes to thrills.  This is my kind of show!” Marty said.

Marty has asked for all interested in being an extra on the pilot (if you haven’t already) to please register on her web site: Marty Siu Casting

Also, be sure to check her casting facebook page for more details tomorrow.

About The Red Zone:

Former CIA operative Holden Weller has put his past behind him and now lives an uneventful life with his wife, Helen, and their daughter, Laney, in Vienna, Virginia, near D.C. The beloved football coach at a local high school, he has a particular bond with one of his star players, Jake Jordan, and is respected and liked in the community. But when his area is rocked by a terrorist bombing at the Smithsonian Museum during a class trip, Holden finds himself getting sucked back into the CIA and to the job he promised to leave behind, especially when he discovers that the prime suspect turns
out to be his second string quarterback, Jake Jordan.


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