Update: Tragedy in Georgia on Set of Midnight Rider

Jesup, GA – An update on the tragedy that took place yesterday just southwest of Savannah, GA where a 20 member film crew was shooting on the railroad tracks for the upcoming Allman Brothers biopic, Midnight Rider.  One female camera assistant has been killed, seven other crew members injured.  They were all employed by Meddin Studios out of Savannah.

A press conference was held last week and the camera assistant was named.

The camera assistant was 27 year old, Sarah Jones, who was a native of South Carolina and was living in Atlanta.  Already 100s of messages have reached her facebook page.  Messages that tell those that didn’t know her just how much she was loved.


The IATSE Local 600, which Sarah was apart of,  wrote, “Local 600 is shocked and saddened by the loss of Atlanta area Camera Assistant, Sarah Elizabeth Jones. Sarah was an active and proud member of Local 600 and a well respected Camera Assistant, much loved by those who worked with her. Our hearts and thoughts go out to her family and friends in this time of terrible tragedy. She will be deeply missed.”

One of the seven crew members that was injured from debris was Hair Stylist, Joyce Gilliard (Sleepy Hollow, The Conjuring, Army Wives)She was airlifted to the hospital.  We did get word that she will be okay, but it looks like she will need surgery on her arm.   

UPDATE: There’s been more light shed on the accident in Jesup, GA during the test shoots for the Greg Allman biopic, Midnight Rider.  Here’s a few updates:
SarahSlateMeanwhile,  the love continues to pour for Sarah Jones, who died during the accident.  A Slates for Sarah Facebook was created and if you haven’t seen it yet, get ready to be moved.  God, I love this industry.  So beautiful and creative.  Yesterday, this page stood at 421 likes when I saw it.  Now it’s over 7500 and growing quickly.  No one will brush over Sarah’s death.  She matters.

Sarah Elizabeth Jones family is requesting that donations be made to:
BC Education Foundation Sarah Jones Scholarship Fund
c/o Brookland-Cayce High School
1300 State Street
Cayce, SC 29033

Taking it one step further, people are reaching out to the Academy to request Sarah’s memory be a part of the ceremony.
Oscars for Sarah
This was a beautiful tribute.  Please share it with everyone!
A lot of people are also asking how Joyce Gilliard is doing.  She is the fabulous hair stylist that has worked here in Wilmington often (Sleepy Hollow, The Conjuring).  She was up for tweeting this morning.  She let everyone know how sad she is and just how devasting it was to go through it all.  She also cleared up a few things.
“I was hit by the train and not the debris. The worst day in my life. I will need counseling. My coworker died beside me.”
She said that she has metal and pins holding her arm together.  Lots of love and prayers to Joyce.  She is being released from the hospital today.

Again, this is a devastating tragedy and our thoughts, love and prayers go out to all those involved in this accident and to their friends and family as well.


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