ABC’s Resurrection has Wilmywood Ties

Jason Mott

Although ABC’s Resurrection is filming in Atlanta, GA, we do have a connection that brings it home to Wilmywood!  That connection is Jason Mott, author of the The Returned, the book which the show is based on.  Mott is a UNCW grad who lives quietly in Bolton, NC, which is just down the road from Wilmywood in Columbus County.  He went from answering the phones as a Verizon employee to becoming a New York Times best-selling author with a hit show on the way!  There’s way more to the story and it’s a great article from Pam Kelley over at the Charlotte Observer!  READ STORY NOW!

Our second connection of course is our Domie Homie, Kevin Sizemore.  You can catch him in at least 5 episodes of the show playing the character Gary Humphrey.

The folks from Under the Dome Radio have created a 2nd show, entitled Resurrection Revealed and will be recording the first podcast tomorrow.  They will release it later this week.

Resurrection premieres on ABC, Sunday, March 9th.

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