Aimee Garcia and Shanley Caswell Join Nikki Tuscano Pilot

Congrats to our latest stars that will be gracing Wilmywood! Shanley Caswell and Aimee Garcia will join the cast of what was once called the Red Zone is now back to its original vague title, The Untitled Nikki Tuscano Project.  

caswellShanley Caswell is making her back to Wilmywood, as she was just recently here for The Conjuring. She will play Holden’s daughter, a “cute but slightly awkward teenager with a lively interest in world affairs.”

aimeeDeadline reports that  Aimee Garcia (Dexter, Robocop) will be playing Vera Bradley, “a whip-smart, driven and impatient case officer with the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism department.”  READ MORE NOW FROM DEADLINE

More casting news to come this week!  Stayed tuned for more!

STATUS: Pre-Production. Production begins Mid-March
PRODUCER:  Kerry Erhin, Nikki Tuscano
DIRECTOR: James Foley
LP: Bill Johnson
PM: Chris Bromley
WRITER: Nikki Tuscano


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