The Sin Seer to Shoot in Wilmywood Next Month!

Paul Hannah

Paul Hannah

Excellent!  You remember the two movies I was talking about last week that are shooting in North Carolina?  The Show and The Sin Seer. Weellllll – Hunter over at the Star News just reported indeed one of them will be shooting here in Wilmywood!   Last week I reported Overflow Entertainment is taking The Sin Seer to two states.  North Carolina and Louisiana. The story involves Rose Ricard who has been given a very special gift by God — the ability to see the sin a person carries in their soul. While she uses her gift to, hopefully, rights the wrongs in society, she also knows the gift comes with a price tag.

Is it just me or does John Noble needs to be a consultant on this flick? (Sleepy Hollow reference). Producing is Angela White.  Paul Hannah is the writer/director.   The production is for BET.  It was originally scheduled to begin May 5, but now it looks as though it is the 27th.

Congrats to Vanessa Neimeyer as she will be doing some casting on the project AND there are A LOT of speaking roles for this flick!  So get ready for some local hires actors!   Check her latest status update on her NCasting FB page!  She’s got all the deets: the character breakdowns and specific instructions.


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