THE SHOW – Feature Film Shooting in Charlotte-Greensboro-Durham, NC

theshowWell, we found out about the second feature that we were talking about a week ago.  The Show, the non-union feature about  the talented musician Percy King who aspires to be a great band director,  will be shooting in Daytona Beach, FL/Charlotte-Greensboro-Durham, NC/(Atlanta, GA-TBA). It is being produced by Pathways Productions and Process Pictures. Justin Jacobs is writing.  JR Butler will direct.

ACTORS: Any Actor/Actress Submissions need to have 1 Headshot, 1 3/4 shot and 1 full body shot, measurables (height, weight, bust-waist-hips [for girls], dress and shoe sizes along with resume, links (Model Mayhem, 800Casting, Personal Website, ect) and any other experience that may be applicable. A list of open roles will be sent to those we are interested in along with character bio information and sides.   Contact Info (for casting):
DANCERS: Dancer Auditions (for Dancer roles): Sunday, April 20, 2014 in Cary, NC.  Contact : for details.
SINGERS/RAPPERS: They are also looking for Singers and Rappers to participate in the recording of the Movie Soundtrack. They can submit photos and music samples to
Follow them on Twitter: @TheShow_Movie and Facebook: /The Show to stay up to date on what’s happening.
Production begins July 2015 starting in Daytona Beach, FL
The Show is about Percy King, a very talented musician who aspires to be a great band director, but of course a girl gets in the mix, and in the way messing with his emotions and leaves him questioning his morals.  The production company deems it a story about “man’s constant strive for perfection and his constant inability to achieve it and sheds light on a community of often misunderstood strangers that act as a family, even in the darkest of times, and shows you why no matter what, the show, much like life must always go on.


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