Happy Anniversary This Week to Two Wilmywood Flicks

by April Vickery
AmosAndrewOn March 5th, AMOS & ANDREW became officially legal, turning the ripe age of 21!
This film is about a writer named Andrew who is mistaken in his new vacation home for a burglar. The character of Amos is thrown in the mix of the problems Andrew is already facing by the local police chief. Samuel L. Jackson plays the lead of Andrew and Nicholas Cage is Amos.

Although set in New England, some scenes were shot in and around Wilmington. Samuel L. Jackson later returned as the eye patch wearing leader of S.H.I.E.L.D, Nick Fury in the Wilmywood film Iron Man 3. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

The_Hudsucker_Proxy_MovieAnd today, one of my favorites THE HUDSUCKER PROXY turns 20! If you haven’t seen this one, then we can’t be friends. Labeled, rightfully as a “screwball comedy”, the story follows a business school graduate who becomes president of a manufacturing company as part of a scam. Tim Robbins, who was romantically linked Wilmywood star, Susan Sarandon of TAMMY plays the lead. Another Wilmywood leading man, Paul Newman (MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE) is the supporting actor who hires Tim Robbins’ wide eyed graduate student.

Few scenes were shot in Wilmington including one of the more memorable ones that showcased hula hoops rolling the alleys and streets in downtown Wilmywood. Purchase both of these titles in the Wilmywood Amazon Shop!

Happy release date!

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