RED ZONE: STILL NEED MORE STUDENT FOOTBALL FANS to work on Thurs & Friday, March 20 & 21, WHO HAVE NOT YET SUBMITTED. These extras MUST be at least 16 yrs old. Ages 16-25 please. MUST LOOK LIKE YOU ARE IN HIGH SCHOOL. This will be a night shoot (possibly 6pm-6am). If you have already submitted, we are considering you for a different role, so please again, only submit for this one if you have not yet submitted for this project.

If you fit the above description and can be available roughly 12 hours/day, please submit your photo/age/contact info A.S.A.P. to:, with the heading, “STUDENT FOOTBALL FAN”. This will film in Wilmington, N.C. and we are looking for locals.

Pay rate is $68.00 for up to 8 hours, time and a half after that. Thank you.


RED ZONE (Pilot) – NBC for CBS
STATUS: Pre-Production
PRODUCER:  Kerry Erhin, Nikki Tuscano
DIRECTOR: James Foley
LP: Bill Johnson
PM: Chris Bromley
WRITER: Nikki Tuscano
CAST: Aimee Garcia, Shanley Caswell

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