Jack Bender’s Art Show w/ Under the Dome Cast

We’ve talked about it all week, and IMPO it was better than expected.  And that’s saying a lot. Robbie McKeithan did a PHENOMENAL job putting it all together! A beautiful art show last night at The Wilma W. Daniels Gallery (200 Hanover St.) in downtown Wilmington. EP/Director/Artist Jack Bender just needs a simple title.  Creative.  Whether its imagining for film or canvas, he is a brilliant man.  A great crowd  assembled and mingled throughout the evening – a lot of NC Film crew members and many of the cast members of Under the Dome:   Mackenzie Lintz, Colin Ford, Alex Koch, John Elvis, Nicholas Strong as well as  newcomers Karla Chrome and Grace Victoria Cox paid a visit as well.  Here’s some fun photos from the event!

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