How NC Film Impacts our Community, our Kids

We always talk about Film=Jobs, but more importantly we need to discuss what film does for a community.  There are a ton of stories that you never hear, so I am gonna make sure to bring them all to light!

A listener called The Sunny Morning Show on Sunny 104.5, and she told her story of how a television production (RED ZONE) has helped the Ashley High School Marching Band.

“My daughter goes to Ashley High School and she was part of the filming on Thursday and Friday! They had about 35 members of the Ashley High School band out there!  The band got a nice chunk of money and they needed it! The money is going to go towards really anything they need, which is a lot! They had just gotten back from MPA on Thursday and they scored all 1’s (Superior). So they were on a high from that and then they went over there to film. My daughter had the best time. They all did and it really helped out the band tremendously!”

This is money that just wasn’t there for the marching band that has bettered our community, our kids, who live right here in Wilmington!  Thank you NC Film! FILM=Better Community

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