The Search for Shannon Rippy: Film Industry Friend Goes Missing


Fellow film industry friend Shannon Rippy has gone missing. For those who don’t her she has been a production manager as well as a UPM for Wilmywood flicks such as Virus, Night Flier and others.  She is very missed and very loved.

Michele Seidman gives us the story. “Shannon and her Mom spoke Saturday (April 5th)  night around 7pm. Shannon told her Mom she was turning in soon. Sunday, the family went over to celebrate her birthday and she was not there at her home at the 100 block of S 5th. They left the gifts on the porch. I am guessing they figured she would be back soon. But she did not contact them again and Monday morning they went back to her house and the gifts were still on the porch. They contacted the police who helped them enter the house. They did not find Shannon. That is what we know. If anyone has any further information, contact the police at 910-343-3600. If anyone saw her, texted with her or had any other communications with her after 7pm Saturday night April 5th, please call 910-343-3600 and let the police know. A group is meeting at 9am on the 8th of April in front of Shannon’s house to canvas the area and to hand out flyers, knock on doors and do whatever we can to gather more information to find Shannon. For any information regarding reaching her family, please go through Joyce Fernando.”

Folks are gathering today beginning at 9am for a flyer hand out and search. If you can help, please go HERE NOW


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