New Extras Casting Director Named for Sleepy Hollow

sleepy hollow 2

A surprising turn of events came out yesterday regarding FOX’s Sleepy Hollow. It looks as though the massive production will be going in a different direction when it comes to background talent.  A new extras casting director was named for season two.  Ashli Bogart will be taking on the monster that is Sleepy Hollow. Now, before I get pummeled with questions, I cannot tell you why, just that changes have occurred.

If you are interested in working as an extra please make sure you visit and register. When speaking with Ashli yesterday, she said, “If you have already registered you do not need to do it again. For continuity between seasons it would be very helpful that if you have worked on Sleepy Hollow as an extra, photo double and a stand in to please email me at and include your photo, contact information and what roles you have played.”

Production begins for Sleepy Hollow‘s sophomore season the first week in May.


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