Gregory Alan Williams joins ‘The Sin Seer’ cast.

Greg AllanMore cast has been added to the TV movie, The Sin Seer which will begin production at the end of this month here in Wilmington, NC. Earlier this week it was announced that Isaiah Washington, Michael Ironside, Lisa Arrindell Anderson and C. Thomas Howell signed on to the supernatural tale from Overflow Entertainment.  Now it looks like this guy barely had time to wash his clothes and straighten up his kitchen before coming back to our Port City. Gregory Alan Williams who was just here for ABC’s Secrets & Lies, returns to play Rose’s father, Clarence Ricard. Also added to the line up is Angeline-Rose Troy who will play Abagail Landers.

The story revolves around Rose Ricard (Anderson) who has a very special gift. She can see into your soul. She can discern the truth from a lie and sometimes, she can perceive the very thoughts before they are formed in your mind. She uses these gifts to solve unsolved cases and bring closure where there is none. Her most recent case, unwittingly opens the doors to her own past and that of her new partner Grant Summit (Washington).


THE SIN SEER – Overflow Entertainment
STATUS: Production begins April 28th
PRODUCERS: Paul Hannah, Angela White
WRITER: Paul Hannah
DIRECTOR: Paul Hannah

 Rose Ricard has been given a very special gift by God — the ability to see the sin a person carries in their soul. While she uses her gift to, hopefully, rights the wrongs in society, she alsp knows the gift comes with a price tag…

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