Voting today? Who is Pro NC Film?

Voting is on May 6th and we need to find out who is for the NC Film Incentives and who is not. We are working on completing this list.  Some of the politicians are refusing to state their stance on the NC Film Incentives.  Others, I just don’t know.  Can you help us complete it?

State Rep (District 18) Susi Hamilton Democrat Pro-Film 919-733-5754
State Rep (District 19) Ted Davis, Jr. Republican Pro-Film 910-763-6249(W)
State Rep (District 20) Betsy Jordan Democrat Pro-Film 704-747-6633
State Rep  (District 20) Rick Catlin Republican  NO 910-547-2754
State Senator (District 8) Danny Hefner Democrat Pro-Film 828-403-9753
State Senator (District 8) Ernie Ward Democrat Pro-Film 910-849-1295
State Senator (District 8) Bill Rabon Republican Pro-Film 919-733-5963
State Senator (District 9) Elizabeth Redenbaugh Democrat Pro-Film 910-616-1341
State Senator (District 9) Michael Lee Republican  ? 910-232-4435
State Senator (District 9) Michael T. Burns Republican Yes, but wants more regulations 910-200-8218(C)
State Senator (District 9) Justin LaNasa Republican  So/so 910-352-5015
U.S. Representative (District 3) Marshall Adame Democrat  Pro-Film 910-353-0937
U.S. Representative (District 3) Walter Jones Republican  ? 252-753-8587
U.S. Representative (District 3) Taylor Griffin Republican  ? 919-427-0280
U.S. Representative (District 3) Al (Big Al) Novinec Republican  ? 910-330-7222
U.S. Representative (District 7) Jonathan Barfield, Jr. Democrat Pro-Film 910-233-8780 (C)
U.S. Representative (District 7) Walter A. Martin, Jr. Democrat  ? 919-936-0900
U.S. Representative (District 7) J. Wesley Casteen Libertarian  Prob Not 910-509-7209
U.S. Representative (District 7) Woody White Republican  Malleable
U.S. Representative (District 7) Chris Andrade Republican  No 910-850-9740
U.S. Representative (District 7) David Rouzer Republican  No 919-701-0037
U.S. Senator Will Stewart Democrat  Good Chance
U.S. Senator Kay Hagan Democrat  Pro-Film 336-790-8754
U.S. Senator Ernest T. Reeves Democrat  ? 252-364-2481
U.S. Senator Sean Haugh Libertarian  Prob Not
U.S. Senator Tim D’Annunzio Libertarian  Prob Not 910-904-0027
U.S. Senator Mark Harris Republican  ? 704-619-1156
U.S. Senator Heather Grant Republican  ? 336-399-1366(C)
U.S. Senator Ted Alexander Republican  ?
U.S. Senator Greg Brannon Republican  ? 919-890-0955
U.S. Senator Alex Lee Bradshaw Republican  ? 828-896-6496
U.S. Senator Thom Tillis Republican  Pro-Film 704-248-2980
U.S. Senator Jim Snyder Republican  ? 336-300-5260(C)
U.S. Senator Edward Kryn Republican  ? 919-553-4172


NHC Sherriff Ed McMahon

Justice Robin Hudson – NC Supreme Court

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