Investigation Discovery’s new series ‘Last Seen Alive’ w/ Wilmywood’s Monica Caison

Investigation Discovery’s new series Last Seen Alive kicks off in North Carolina and it follows one important local lady we all know and love.  Cue Center for Missing Persons founder, Monica Caison.  The show will take us on emotional and action-packed journeys of 12 families-turned-detectives as they chase down leads, interview potential witnesses, and travel cross-country in the hope of reuniting with their recently missing relatives. Beginning with the moment the person was last seen alive, episodes chronicle the search efforts of a desperate family with everything to lose, aided by a skilled private investigator determined to turn chase down every lead. Though the status of these investigations could change at any minute, many concluded filming with heart-warming resolutions, some with tragic endings, while others remain open and active to this day.


Monica will be showing the world her skills on Last Seen Alive in the premiere episode on Sunday, June 1st at 9pm which will feature Scarlett DeLoach’s case.  In this episode, Monica gets the job done and nobody does it better! Tune in June 1st at 9pm EST.  VIEW PROMO NOW 

Investigation DiscoveryI caught up with Monica this morning and she says she is very honored to be selected as one of the people that are involved in helping solve cases.  “I definitely hope that there will be more series to come,” says Monica.  “More cases can be resolved and get the attention they need, especially the adult missing persons.”

This is giving great exposure to the Cue Center and is opening the doors to opportunities for Monica and her team to help more people.  Congratulations to our local team that selflessly help families 24/7 all across the country.

Two other episodes will feature Monica.  The Cami DiGirolamo case which will air on on Sunday, June 29 at 9/8c and Pam Biggers’ case on Sunday, July 6 at 9/8c.  See Last Seen Alive only on Investigation Discovery.

Monica is still working on the case and is doing another search as we speak for our missing film friend Shannon Van NewKirk here in Wilmington.


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