BABY STEPS: HB 1142 (film incentives) passes first reading in NC House.

Today was another tiny step towards keeping our NC film incentives.  Rep. Susi Hamilton’s bill to eliminate the end of North Carolina’s film incentives (the sunset) overcame its first hurdle in the General Assembly today. HB 1142 passed its first reading as the House of Representatives referred it to the Finance Committee.

The next step will be for the Finance Committee to consider the proposal, which has support from members of both parties, including Republicans Ted Davis of New Hanover County and Frank Iler of Brunswick County, who signed on as sponsors to HB 1142. House Finance Committee chair Rep. Julia Howard, a Republican from Mocksville, has already said that that the state’s current incentives for film projects, which are set to run out at the end of the year, are unacceptable.

In addition to doing away with the sunset provision of the film incentives, Hamilton’s bill would also require productions to spend at least $300,000 before qualifying for a 25-percent tax rebate. That’s up from the current threshold of $250,000.

“It’s a start in the debate,” WWAY NewsChannel 3 Political Editor Kevin Wuzzardo said. “The key is support from both sides of the aisle. The question is whether Ted Davis and Frank Iler can convince enough Republicans to go along with them, and that’s a big if. So far they have two more Republicans to sign on as sponsors , but one of them (Rep. Robert Brawley) was kicked out of the House Republican Caucus today.”

More sponsors have been added to HB 1142. The primary sponsors include Hamilton Iler Davis, and  R. Moore.  Today, they have added: R. Brawley;  Cotham;  Cunningham;  Fisher;  Glazier;  Hanes;  SaineWaddell;  Wray. Again, remember these names as those who support the NC Film incentives. AND THANK THEM FOR THEIR SUPPORT!

There’s no word yet when or if the House Finance Committee will debate the bill. We will keep you posted! More details to come!

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