Welcome Peter Weller to Wilmywood!

Peter Weller has made his way to Wrightsville Beach.  The man who is so good at being bad in such movies as Robocop, Star Trek: Into Darkness and most recently Sons of Anarchy is spending some time at our beautiful beaches and was spotted enjoying at fabulous lunch in Lumina Station.  Not only is he a talented actor, Peter_wellerbut he is also a director.  I started sniffing around and I found out he was not here for Sleepy Hollow or Max Steel. After digging a little further, I did indeed find out that he will be directing episode 9 of Under the Dome. So, it’s good to know he will be here and have at least a little down time during Memorial Day weekend before he preps for the upcoming episode. Looks like we will see him in action, behind the camera, next week!  Welcome to Wilmywood Peter!


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