Matt Barr returns to Wilmywood; Sakina Jaffrey joins Sleepy Hollow PD

TV Line is reporting that our One Tree Hill alum Matt Barr will return to Wilmywood for Sleepy Hollow as the bounty hunter Nick Hawley, who just happens to be quite dashing.  He will be aiding  Ichabbie on a supernatural case for season 2.  Now, reportedly Nikki Bahaie’s character might see some romance come her way this time around, but although many of us want Abbie to be with Ichabod, could we see her eyeing up this handsome fellow?  After all, TV Line does say he has a “sense of humor and a bit of swagger. ”  Welcome back to Wilmywood, Matt!


Today, also revealed another reoccurring character that will be making her way to Sleepy Hollow.  While the sleepy fans wish to FREE FRANK IRVING, a new sheriff comes to town.  Sakina Jaffrey who will play Leena Reyes is coming in to replace Irving at the SHPD who we last saw was on his way upstate.  Her character is described as being “smart, forceful, highly trained and commanding” with a warm maternal side.

So, the question for us all to ponder… Will she make Abbie and Ichabod’s life a living heaven or hell?



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