The F*Bombs in the Short Session.

I decided to take a quick nap this afternoon and I turned on the live stream to listen to the  short session.  While the legislators were debating the fracking bill today, one representative who was against it mentioned in a rebuttal in regards to Lee County  that he got over two hundred emails from locals in his county there that were against it as they were very worried and had health concerns about fracking.  Another legislator who was for fracking replied with something like, “There are 60,000 people that live in Lee County so those against it are not in the majority.”

My eyes popped wide open.  There it is.  Proof.  The representatives do listen to the residents of their county.  I am quite sure that more than 200 people from Lee County oppose fracking.  They just didn’t take the time to write a damn email, to contact their elected officials in any way.

This is the very same issue we are having with the film incentives.  There are thousands more people who support the film incentives, but they are not willing to take the time, two minutes mind you, to craft a quick note letting their elected officials know that they support the film incentives, that they support the 25% film incentive, that they want to end the sunset because it is the only way to grow our industry and make it stronger.

You know what else they were talking about? Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.  Fracking will create jobs.  Well, guess what?  The film industry does it better and does it cleaner.  They wanna create jobs?  Great!  We are all about that.   The film industry needs so many people from all walks of life that have all kinds of skill sets.  And our clean industry sure as hell pays better, too.  That’s what the film incentives have done.  Created AND maintained well paying  jobs here in NC.

This is the moment.  This is your moment.  What are you going to do about it?  Sit back and say, someone else will do it?  We can’t be the 200.  We must be the 200,000!  Enough of the excuses. No one here in North Carolina is TOO busy to help save the film industry.  Our industry. No one.


Film and Fracking: The F*Bombs in the 2014 Short Session.

P.S. Fracking passed the second reading.

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