THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 06/30/2014 Premiere night for UTD, Tips for Sadie, Tammy, casting call for Sleepy Hollow

Domies, let’s celebrate! Tonight is the night! Under the Dome Season 2 premieres on CBS at 10pm. Thanks to my buddy Shaun O’Rourke, I got to go to the crew screening and let me tell you, you will NOT be disappointed tonight! Wow! Incredible premiere with lots of surprises and it will have you wishing episode two wasn’t seven days away. If you missed any of the interviews with the cast that I posted over the weekend, GO HERE NOW!

So, where’s the party? It returns to Hell’s Kitchen! Join the party downtown at 118 Princess St.

Location, Location, Location! Where’s everyone at today?
Under the Dome – Greenfield Lake, Victoria Dr and Chestnut
The Longest Ride – N 3rd St
Sleepy Hollow – Castle Hayne and Winnabow


Another premiere tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 1st) at Regal Cinemas Mayfaire! Comin’ in hot, it’s the early screening of TAMMY shot right here in Wilmywood. Remember all those who go to the 8pm screening will have the chance to win the autographed movie poster! Poom! GO TO FACEBOOK INVITE NOW


ICYMI: Heather Lind of AMC’s Turn fame will guest star as Mary Wells, an ex ball and chain of  Ichabod Crane before he traveled across the pond to the good old US of A.  READ MORE NOW

WILMINGTON, NC- We are going to be in need of Native American Males 18+up for some scenes in an upcoming episode filming in Wilmington, NC. Looking for great faces with authentic looks. We don’t have a filming date yet, but it will be sometime between July 8-17. We are willing to bring in folks from outside of Wilmington and outside of NC. Production will be providing hotel accommodations for those traveling outside of the Wilmington area. Please email recent photos (if you are comfortable being shirtless please include a photo), contact info, location, height, weight, wardrobe sizes to SUBJECT: NATIVE AMERICANS. If interested please email us and we will have more information in regards to pay rates.

We will have 2 scenes where we will need a handful of men:

FLASHBACK: One scene will be a flashback scene portraying members of a Shawnee tribe. For this scene we will be asking guys to be in traditional attire so must be comfortable with being shirtless. We will ask for guys who do not have tattoos or if you do that they are minimal and can be covered up by makeup. Also looking for a shaman type so an older gentleman with a great character face.

MODERN DAY: We will also have a scene that takes place in modern times and will need a handful of guys to play Native American Bikers, so can be rough and tough and tattoos are ok.



SadieUPDATE TIPS FOR SADIE: A huge thank you to Courts and Sports along with Reva, Genevieve, Ken Olin and the whole gang who helped and all the folks who donated items. Tips for Sadie was a huge success! Because of you , we raised just over $12,000!! Seriously, you totally rock!!

ErnieWardErnie Ward who is running for District 8 (against Rabon who is touting the film grant) is joining me tomorrow morning at 8:30am during What’s Up in Wilmywood on Sunny 104.5. We will see what he has to say about the NC Film Incentives.  In the meantime, if you didn’t see it this morning, here’s your mission for today!! GO NOW



FILM INCENTIVES: Your mission for Monday, June 30, 2014


Good morning my beautiful North Carolina peeps.  Over the weekend, I was told yet again from those on the inside that what we are doing i.e. making the phone calls and sending emails, is working. BIG TIME. The folks who will decide our fate are feeling the pressure.  So, again I tell you, DO NOT give up.  At this point there is a strong possibility that they will extend the current film incentives for another year, study them carefully and then revisit them in the long session.

IF, and I mean only, IF we keep up the good work we have been doing over the past month.

So, again, PLEASE be polite, and CALL, CALL, CALL.

Today we will be calling The Speaker of the House, Thom Tillis,   Governor Pat McCrory and we will now be putting pressure on Senator Berger.

Let them know you are a voter, let them know your story, and ask them to extend the film incentives AS THEY ARE!

Contact these folks today :

Speaker Thom Tillis
PHONE: 919-733-3451
TWITTER: @ThomTillis

Gov. Pat McCrory
PHONE: 919-814-2000

Sen. Phil Berger (President Pro Tempore)
PHONE: 919-733-5708


I know it’s been a VERY, VERY long month, but we are strong in numbers and we can’t quit when we are so close to a decision being made that will either save your jobs or send you packing.  Don’t let them think for a second we stopped caring!  Make your calls everyday this week and let’s continue to fight to save our community!