We are the 4200 Ad Campaign

“Americans for Prosperity” has created an anti-film radio campaign statewide which began this weekend, calling our film incentives “Hollywood Handouts.”  Now, most of you know how ignorant that statement is, however, again, we must educate the public and let the truth shine on.  Film = Jobs.  Film = Community.  Film =Tourism.

Although we ran 8 weeks of PSAs that were pro-film, it was local to Wilmington.  So, we at The Wilmywood Daily decided to run an ad campaign to counter.  However, ad campaigns are VERY expensive.  This will be a statewide campaign, starting in Raleigh.  The more money we raise, the further across the state it will reach! So, we need your help! ASAP.  All we are asking for is a $5 or more donation so that we make get the message out there.  There are thousands of jobs on the line. And 100s of small businesses that will be devastated if the film incentives are lost.

We want the ads to begin running as soon as tomorrow, but we can’t do it without your help!  Click the button below to give your donation!

Sheila Brothers
The Wilmywood Daily



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