VIDEO: A message from the shooting crew of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow.

We are just a few of the NC film crew members of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow filming in Wilmington, NC.  Thom Tillis you still have the power to help us.  Put the NC Film Incentives in the budget. Let’s keep NC film rolling!


Sleepy Hollow Crew Members
Wilmington, NC

This video was shot earlier in the week before the vote this morning by the finance committee. The vote went down with 20 nays and 16 yays for this amendment.  It has failed. Over the past two seasons, Sleepy Hollow has shot in these counties: Rowan, Mecklenburg, Wake, Craven, Onslow, Brunswick, and New Hanover.  Currently, they have at least 350 North Carolina residents that are film crew/staff.

Please call Speaker ThomTillis and tell him to keep the film incentives in the budget.  Phone: 919-733-3451   


    • Sheila,
      I called and highly expressed my concern. I was able to get through to the Raleigh number my first try, and spoke to Gray. I absolutely love being an extra for filming in Wilmington, and I like getting paid. I also made a contribution. Thanks for doing this.
      Jan King
      Sunset Beach, NC

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