OK North Carolina – The gloves are off! We’ve been double-crossed by Tillis and Howard.

This morning on June 11th, one of our film industry supporters, Representative Ted Davis, introduced an amendment to Senator Rabon’s bill 744.  This amendment would lower our film incentive slightly from 25% to 22%, cap productions at $15 million and extend the credit to 2017.  Not perfect, however, the major studios did say they could live with it and still do business in North Carolina.

Rep. Davis carried out his plan with the knowledge that he was being supported by Speaker Tillis and Finance Chairwoman, Rep. Julia Howard.  Both Tillis and Howard gave Ted Davis their full support that the bill would be voted on favorably in the finance committee this morning. While Rep. Davis was reading the bill… BAM!  Speaker Tillis’s staff and Rep Howard went behind his back and worked publicly against him putting pressure on each Republican Representative to vote no to the amendment.  He was double crossed.  The vote went down with 20 nays and 16 yays for his amendment.  It has failed.

So, who said No to the film incentives?  Julia Howard (Forsyth, Davie), Bill Brawley(Mecklenberg), David Lewis(Harnett), Mitchell Setzer(Catawba), John Blust(Guilford), Justin Burr(Montgomery, Stanly), Jeff Collins(Franklin, Nash), Nelson Dollar(Wake), Mike Hager(Burke, Rutherford), Jon Hardister(Guilford), Jonathan Jordan(Ashe, Watauga), Tim Moffitt(Buncombe), Tim Moore(Cleveland), Ruth Samuelson(Mecklenberg), Jacqueline Schaffer(Mechlenberg), Edgar Starnes(Caldwell), Michael Stone(Harnett, Lee), Harry Warren(Rowan), Andy Wells(Catawba), Paul Stam (Wake).

So the question remains: Thom, why did you betray us?  We have thanked you for your support, and you stabbed us in the back and are sending  1000s practically packing! Well, Speaker Tillis when you pack your bags, make sure you know you will be heading to Cornelius, not DC come 2015. You need to FIX this!

Hell hath no fury like an NC Film Supporter Scorned, Speaker Tillis.

The next three hours are CRUCIAL, North Carolina!  We think they know they screwed up, and now we need to flood the phone lines once again.  But we need a Tsunami today.  Times 10!  Let’s show ’em Film supporter, crew members and small businesses!  Show ’em we will NEVER stand down, and no film in NC = no votes for them.

Now, even though my job is to rant and rave, yours is to be nice and polite.  They watch and listen to you like a hawk.  We want to keep our message strong, but you MUST remain polite.


Please call Speaker the office of Speaker Tillis.  Phone: 919-733-3451   
PLEASE SAY THESE WORDS! (in your own words) But Double Cross is key!

FOR ALL OF NORTH CAROLINA: “Good morning.  After this mornings “DOUBLE CROSS” in the Finance Committee, I wanted to deliver a very personal message to the Speaker.   On behalf of the over 4000 families that were counting on the SPEAKER to protect our jobs and livelihood in the years to come;  if I’m uprooting my family in 2015 and moving to Atlanta in January, because of this sick DOUBLE CROSS.  Come November, in the election, I’m going to work to make sure the Speaker will be moving back to Cornelius, and not Washington, DC!    Film = Jobs.   Atlanta = Cornelius.   It’s really that simple.  And that’s my message between now and Election Day 2014.  MR. SPEAKER, YOU NEED TO FIX THIS!!


FOR THOSE IN FORSYTH AND DAVIE COUNTIES: Julia Howard is the NC House Chair.  She has been against the film incentives since day one.  Again we must remain polite and tell her you are a voter and please ask her to change her stance on the film incentives and you support them!  No Film.  No Re-election.

Representative Julia Howard, Chair
(o) 919-733-5904
(d) 336-751-3538

And finally after you cool off, please make sure you thank Ted Davis (919-733-5786) for working his ass off trying to make this happen for us.  Also, Susi Hamilton (919-733-5754), our fiery red-head who is NOT standing down!

Alright folks, let’s get the hell to work!  And SHARE this with ALL OF NORTH CAROLINA!


  1. Jerry: I called their office and they play DUMB. I hope people in NC learn by November that you can’t trust a REPUBLICAN , and these “Tea Party” folks are Pure Republicans in sheeps clothing. Sure, some Dumacrats are among — but look at anything to HELP people, and Republicans are AGAINST IT unless THEY can DIRECTLY BENEFIT. Hey, the handwriting is on the Wall for ALL TO READ AND HEED!

    • I have been on many productions in NC and this absolutely makes me ill that these legislators have no vision for the film industry in our state. But I feel I need to clarify an important issue… I worked my rear off in the republican primary the last few months to elect a “tea party” candidate Greg Brannon, a doctor that is fed up like the rest of us with “behind closed doors politics”! Thom Tillis is NOT a tea party candidate, he is an establishment republican. There is a division and war going on in the republican party between the establishment republicans and the “tea party” conservatives, please get your facts straight. And if you think that the “Tea Party People” are so terrible, I suggest you meet some of them… Second, I am sickened that Tillis and Howard and others have such a lack of sensibility to the arts, which have added an innumerable amount of character and life to our wonderful state. They surely are not visionaries and in my opinion have done a great dis-service to North Carolina!

  2. Emailed and cc’d to Tills and Howard:
    Good day, Thom Tillis;
    Shea Carver here, editor of encore and Devour magazines out of Wilmington, NC. I am writing to voice my extreme displeasure and disappointment with the double-cross actions that took place this morning concerning the NC film incentive vote. While I am baffled completely by the underhanded intricacies of closed-door government, I am not confused by a good money-maker when I see one.
    Need I iterate? The film industry brought in $25.3 million to our state and provided, 4,529 jobs in 2013. It also provides my town, Wilmington, NC, endless tourism dollars, not to mention encourages small business success, as well as broadens the scope and working field for graduates coming out of our UNCW and Cape Fear Community College film departments.
    That you guys have voted down the current film incentives, promised support for a different, workable plan, and then double-crossed your word is not only offensive to the constituents who trusted you would look over NC’s economic growth closely, but it is a smack in the face to other elected officials who trusted you would help them reach a feasible plan to keep productions happily filming in our state instead of packing up and moving to Atlanta or New Orleans or any other city with better offerings.
    We have enough divide in our state among political agendas, and you’re perpetrating the continuance of this divide to greater heights. I want to make it very clear that I will continue voicing my support for NC film incentives, its impact on my city/state and many small business owners and students/teachers who benefit from it, not to mention the NUMEROUS people in my town who work in the industry and pay taxes back to our state when they get jobs here. More so, I also will make my voice heard quite loudly, nonetheless, that you should not be trusted to represent our state. That means NO FILM = NO RE-ELECTION.
    I sincerely hope you will take a closer look at how your negative actions affect so many. It’s shameful swindling, not democratic leading.
    Warm Regards,
    Shea Carver
    editor, encore and Devour magazines
    6700-A Netherlands Dr.
    Wilmington, NC 28405

  3. I am so sorry this was ever called “film incentives”. People in my area HATE incentives. To them this means taxpayer money paid upfront to attract a company or airline or whatever to bring jobs here. Again and again we gave taxpayer “incentives” money only to have the company to break promises, provide few jobs, pull out soon after starting up, etc….and our taxpayer incentive money was long gone. These are film “rebates”, where the company promise has been upheld and tax money paid in, with some part of it given back. I would bet the average person hears “FILM INCENTIVES” and thinks their tax money is going to a company to help them out. Sad. Bad PR from the start….

  4. I just called Rep. Howard’s office and was told ” if your lobbyists were doing a better job, this wouldn’t be a problem. They just need to keep working hard and there will be jobs.” when I said I felt this comment was uncalled for since I simply was leaving a message, I was told I was rude and was hung up on. UNBELIEVEABLE. I called Tom Thillis’ office an left the same message with out a problem.

  5. Why the hell should taxpayers subsidize rich actors, producers, directors, etc? Or for that matter poor actors, etc? I don’t like Tillis but I completely reject money taken from my wallet to give to someone else because they make films.

    • Are you seriously kidding me? That’s where you think the money goes? The money goes to crew members. local jobs. the small businesses. Production companies buy from LOCAL businesses and in most of the counties in the state… as in 100 counties of NC The money goes to donations to schools. the money goes to locations. The money goes to subsidize police pay. The money goes to paint stores, lumber stores, consignment stores, furniture stores, car rentals, boat rentals. The money goes to coffee shops. The money goes to hotels. The money goes to copy print places, the money goes to book stores, the money goes to boutiques, and bed and breakfasts. All these businesses are local. That’s where the money goes. Please do some more research. And if I can be more informative please let me know. I’ll be more than happy to educate you further on how things work in the film industry.

  6. It is so disheartening to see that people are so misinformed. Please do research on the film incentives. I don’t consider my husband (a grip) to be a “big wig”. He is a family man that loves his job and supports his family through work in the film industry. We are a family trying to make a life for ourselves, like many others. Consider how many will be collecting unemployment and other government benefits when they have no work. As well as finally leaving the state for greener pastures. This is an industry that pumps money directly back into the local economy via restaurants, catering, rental companies (vehicle, equipment, locations, rental properties), retail stores, cleaning companies, just to name a few.

  7. I tried.
    Dear Thom and Julia,
    My name is Savvas Yiannoulou and I am an OUT OF STATE student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I, along with a numerous amount of other OUT OF STATE students, have chosen to attend UNCW because of it’s fantastic film department and the film community surrounding the college and state.
    I could have gone anywhere in the country for film school, but Wilmington had a certain draw that other places did not. It’s everything good about the big cities like New York, LA, and Chicago, but without all the craziness.
    I’d like you to know that not only have you affected and ruined current jobs and a bustling community in North Carolina with your double crossing actions in voting against this incentive, but you are also biting the hand that feeds. If you kill this industry in your state of North Carolina you will loose countless students who are PAYING OUT OF STATE TUITION TO A STATE UNIVERSITY to be a part of this fantastic community.
    I’d just like you to consider how much of an impact your actions really do have on families, students, teachers, and other members of the community. You have lost all of my support, and countless others as well; so if I can’t have a job in this state after I graduate because of your lack of support, I’ll do my best to make sure you don’t have one either by not supporting you at the polls.
    I don’t mean to be harsh, but you can’t really be a voice of the population and accurately represent the public by voting against a community that you are clearly not familiar with or have not experienced from a grass roots perspective. Get out of your office and go to Wilmington, experience first hand what your going to dismantle and then make a decision.

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  9. The film industry is joining the long line of jobs getting the short shrift. Teachers and rank and file state employees have been feeling the wrath for several years. I think the whole bunch doing this in Raleigh needs to be replaced. Ideology is more important than fiscal good sense. They are very short sighted and fail to see that negative impact to the state or themselves. I have come to think that they really aren’t about jobs or reform or any kind of progress for NC. They are just feathering their own nests and those of their cronies. While the governor and his staff are entertaining folks at Pinehurst this week (most likely with taxpayer funds) with hopes these folks will bring business to NC think about what their priorities are. TIME TO VOTE THEM OUT!

  10. No you don’t deserve it. I don’t live in either of the districts that Tillis and Howard represent so I couldn’t have voted against either one. I do plan to not vote for Tillis this November because of what he has done to NC and its citizens. The sad part is that many of the folks voting against the film industry will be reelected in their own districts unless folks get out to vote. I think the film industry is very important to NC. I would hate to see folks lose their jobs and the negative impact on the communities that benefit from it. With the reduced unemployment benefits and support systems that have been reduced or hindered by DHHR it will be hard on folks.

  11. Ironic! The YES! Weekly (free) newspaper just published a large story about all the films made in the Triad area (mostly around Winston-Salem) this past year, how much money that pulled in for local businesses, and how they plan to expand the push for films for next year. It gave all kinds of facts and figures, saying what a great thing it was to have films being made here in the Triad. They say they want to add more money to a group that goes after film and commercial productions here in the Triad for next year. Apparently the folks writing this great article know nothing about the state politics that are trying to kill film work in NC…..
    Do you think someone should pull this story off the YES! Weekly web site and send it or give it to the folks doing the voting on this (if not too late….)?
    Wil Courter of Greensboro

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