‘Banshee’ Call to Action for NC Film

We are the season 3 shooting crew from Banshee.  We are North Carolina locals, NC tax payers and NC voters. We don’t want to lose out jobs here in North Carolina. Thom Tillis you still have the power to help us.  Put the NC Film Incentives in the budget. Let’s keep the film incentive here in North Carolina.


Banshee Crew Members
Banshee has filmed in these counties: Mecklenberg, Iredell, Lincoln and Union.

This video was shot earlier in the week before the vote yesterday morning by the finance committee. The vote went down with 20 nays and 16 yays for this amendment.  It has failed.  Please call your legislators and make sure you tell them to please, please, please, support film and be sure to mention that the film incentives creates and maintains jobs. Put it in the budget. Losing the incentives means losing jobs.

Again, DO NOT threaten or name call!  Spread the word, call and email NOW before it’s too late.  Here’s the list – GENERAL ASSEMBLY CONTACTS

Please call Speaker ThomTillis and tell him to keep the film incentives in the budget.  Phone: 919-733-3451  

Also, in case you haven’t seen it: There is a Petition to the North Carolina State Senate, “Leave the North Carolina Film Incentive alone.”  Sign it today.


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