The next 36 hours will determine our future in NC Film.

Okay, North Carolina. This is it.  The next 36 hours will determine our future.  North Carolina already has a past of missing the boat and giving our jobs away to other states  i.e. NC Caterpillar plant (1000 Jobs to GA), Continental Tire (2000 Jobs to SC), and Toyota HQ (7000 jobs to TX). Just this week, we lost over 7000 jobs opportunities and nearly ONE BILLION in investments to South Carolina.

And now we stand here watching in awe, with glazed expressions, as the people who “represent” us are doing what they do best, attempting to repeat history.

We need to break the viscous circle and it begins today, and it begins with you.  Your mission should you choose to accept it?

We want the Capital begging for an ark because of all the phone calls and emails flooding Raleigh today.  We want the Governor’s office to hear us so loud, their ears will be ringing  by the end of the day.  We will remain polite and civil, but they will certainly get the message.  They WILL hear our voice.

Raleigh needs to hear from EVERYONE.  There are still thousands of NC residents that love film being in our state that have not voiced their opinion by picking up a phone or sending an email.  Well, today is the day.  Crew, Background actors, small businesses, actors, community leaders!  We need you. All of you. And just because you don’t work in the film industry, does NOT mean you shouldn’t call.  In fact, we NEED your voice in the mix, too.  They need to see that it is all of us who support the industry, not just the workers or vendors.

We need THOUSANDS of calls today, not hundreds.  So gather every friend, neighbor and co-worker, look them in the eye and tell them to make these calls because our film future depends on it.  Hell, dial the number for them!

I’ve been told for the past week that the only reason that our film incentives are still even in the conversation is because of your hard work and the phone calls and emails you have already made and sent.  So, thank you!

Today, you tell Speaker Thom Tillis to SPEAK up!  You tell Governor McCrory to do the right thing and keep our film incentives going.  Tell them to keep them in place and end that damn sunset!  You call your legislator that represents you and tell them you are a voter and you have a voice!

Gov. Pat McCrory
PHONE: 919-814-2000

Speaker Thom Tillis
PHONE: 919-733-3451
TWITTER: @ThomTillis


We have lost over 10,000 jobs due to the current leadership, and I’ll be damned if we lose 4200 more.  They are clean, high paying jobs.  Let’s keep them in North Carolina.

Lastly, SHARE SHARE SHARE!  Please pass this blog to all your friends across the state.  They need to hear from EVERY county in North Carolina, today!

Give it everything you got.  EVERYTHING!  Show them who we are and just how many we are.

Let’s do this!



  1. Good day, Gov. McCrory;
    Shea Carver here, editor of encore and Devour magazines out of Wilmington, NC. I am writing in hopes that this will be one of thousands of letters to reach you in time of your decision to halt the current legislation for our film incentives. Quite simply, it’s hard to stomach the thought of our state losing so much clean money because of underhanded, behind-the-scenes lobbying and scheming.
    Like so very many, I fully have been made aware of your ties to the Cathy family and Pinewood Studios in Georgia. I cannot imagine you would actually railroad our state’s economic progress over campaign funds to help win your election. However, if this is in fact what you have done/are doing, you can guarantee you will not need to raise any more money for future political campaigns; I, along with many voters across our state, will make sure you don’t continue to “represent” us.
    Your job is to look after the betterment and welfare of your constituents and the state at large. Allowing our current film incentives to falter—or changing them to anything less than what they are now—can impact NC toward economic demise. Is that really what we need right now? We are already in such a fragile holding ground, coming out of a Great Recession that left thousands close to poverty. Do you want to see even more small businesses close, tourism dollars deflect to other states, students and teachers continue to flee in even larger numbers, and lose more jobs that provide a decent living? Any good politician would soundly answer no to all of those questions.
    I am going to copy and paste below exactly what I sent to Thom Tillis on June 11th in hopes that you read it, thoroughly digest it, and make the right decision about continuing our incentives as they are.
    Good day, Thom Tillis;
    Shea Carver here, editor of encore and Devour magazines out of Wilmington, NC. I am writing to voice my extreme displeasure and disappointment with the double-cross actions that took place this morning concerning the NC film incentive vote. While I am baffled completely by the underhanded intricacies of closed-door government, I am not confused by a good money-maker when I see one.
    Need I iterate? The film industry brought in $25.3 million to our state and provided, 4,529 jobs in 2013. It also provides my town, Wilmington, NC, endless tourism dollars, not to mention encourages small business success, as well as broadens the scope and working field for graduates coming out of our UNCW and Cape Fear Community College film departments.
    That you guys have voted down the current film incentives, promised support for a different, workable plan, and then double-crossed your word is not only offensive to the constituents who trusted you would look over NC’s economic growth closely, but it is a smack in the face to other elected officials who trusted you would help them reach a feasible plan to keep productions happily filming in our state instead of packing up and moving to Atlanta or New Orleans or any other city with better offerings.
    We have enough divide in our state among political agendas, and you’re perpetrating the continuance of this divide to greater heights. I want to make it very clear that I will continue voicing my support for NC film incentives, its impact on my city/state and many small business owners and students/teachers who benefit from it, not to mention the NUMEROUS people in my town who work in the industry and pay taxes back to our state when they get jobs here. More so, I also will make my voice heard quite loudly, nonetheless, that you should not be trusted to represent our state. That means NO FILM = NO RE-ELECTION.
    I sincerely hope you will take a closer look at how your negative actions affect so many. It’s shameful swindling, not democratic leading.
    Warm Regards,
    Shea Carver
    editor, encore and Devour magazines
    6700-A Netherlands Dr.
    Wilmington, NC 28405

    • That is actually very rude. Maybe your state should have stood up and said something. And if you didn’t make it as an ‘actor’, then that’s your bad, not anyone else’s. California has more income that comes into that state than all others combined who do movies.

  2. I’m e-mailing you as a voter of New Hanover County, North Carolina. I may be new to this state, but I’m no stranger to politics, and I’m no stranger to jobs and job loss.

    This state legislature has a history of sending jobs to other states, and while that sometimes is unavoidable, this time is not one of those times. The film community is a constantly growing and fluid industry that will continue to grow with or without North Carolina. Other states will gain business from these companies and North Carolina will miss out on opportunities for business, tourism, and fame, which would bring even more tourism and money to local business, which means revenue for the states to pay for the incentives as a whole.

    I was on set of The Longest Ride on Cape Fear Community College yesterday, and not only was the school making money off of the location shoot being done on their campus, but the film crew wasn’t apologetic about being there “in the way” because they wouldn’t be in the state for long due to the legislature in the works now. By legislature I mean the “grant program” for film. It’s nothing close to adequate and there are similar locations with better incentives elsewhere. I give credit to the legislative representatives that introduced it, as a last resort gasp of air for our cause, but it’s not enough, and those in opposition should be ashamed of themselves, and be prepared to lose their job as their term comes to an end. We vote, and we have long memories.

    And by we, I don’t mean just those that work in the industry. I’ve only been here for a year and I know where many great films and TV shows were shot, and I have been asked by tourists and locals alike how to get to places where they filmed One Tree Hill, Safe Haven, Sleepy Hollow, Under the Dome, and more. It’s a tourism attractive that will only grow as more and more films and shows are produced here, in this state.

    I know a multitude of people who get paid as extras, or work for production companies, and make their living by the growth of the film industry, and that many people will be unemployed at the end of the year if you allow these incentives to expire.

    Get real input from the film industry, get real numbers of what would be acceptable, use models from other states utilizing a successful film incentive, and make a realistic solution for long term industry, and become a leader in this industry instead of a failure.

    Don’t send our jobs away, and more importantly to you I suspect, don’t throw your own jobs away, because your terms are limited, and we vote.

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