PRESS RELEASE: 4,000 NC Film Jobs Threatened By Tillis’ Refusal to Support Tax Credit

4,000 NC Film Jobs Threatened By Tillis’ Refusal to Support Tax Credit

June 23, 2014
Contact: Ben Ray
(336) 615-1462

** For Immediate Release **

RALEIGH— As budget negotiations move forward this week House Speaker Thom Tillis’ opposition to the film tax credit and more than 4,000 jobs the film industry brings to North Carolina is going to be back on full display.  Tillis has attempted to hide his opposition to the credit, but the truth is clear:  by sending his staff to whip votes to kill the measure in committee, he put the political wishes of Charles and David Koch over middle class North Carolinians.  

Tillis is aware of the political danger he’s in for putting the Kochs over North Carolina jobs.  When called out on his opposition by Representative Susi Hamilton, Tillis lost his temper and accused her of making comments “born out of emotions.”

This weekend the Asheville Citizen-Times reported on major projects that are on hold pending the renewal of the film tax credit:

[Film liaison Tammy Hopkins] says she’s recently received calls from two film production leaders who want to bring their movies to North Carolina. But both are also waiting to find out the fate of the 25 percent refundable tax credit, set to expire at the end of this year.

“They are waiting to see what happens,” Hopkins, with Film Brevard, said, noting that one production is deciding between Virginia and North Carolina; the other between Georgia and North Carolina.

“We are the top choice, but they will go” elsewhere if the incentives disappear.

The film tax credit is a net positive for North Carolina’s budget, bringing nearly $25.3 million more into state coffers than the cost of the program while supporting a billion dollar industry and providing more than 4,200 jobs with an average wage of $66,000.  If the credit was allowed to expire, North Carolina would lose 4,046 jobs and more than 1,000 North Carolina small businesses would lose a combined $164 million in revenue.

“More than 4,000 hard working North Carolinians could lose their jobs, but Thom Tillis is putting the Koch Brothers over North Carolina jobs,” said Ben Ray, a spokesman for Forward North Carolina.  “North Carolina deserves leaders who put North Carolina first, not special interests.”



Contact these folks today and tell them you are a voter and you support the current NC Film Incentives.:

Speaker Thom Tillis
PHONE: 919-733-3451
TWITTER: @ThomTillis

Gov. Pat McCrory
PHONE: 919-814-2000


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