FILM INCENTIVES: Your mission for Monday, June 30, 2014


Good morning my beautiful North Carolina peeps.  Over the weekend, I was told yet again from those on the inside that what we are doing i.e. making the phone calls and sending emails, is working. BIG TIME. The folks who will decide our fate are feeling the pressure.  So, again I tell you, DO NOT give up.  At this point there is a strong possibility that they will extend the current film incentives for another year, study them carefully and then revisit them in the long session.

IF, and I mean only, IF we keep up the good work we have been doing over the past month.

So, again, PLEASE be polite, and CALL, CALL, CALL.

Today we will be calling The Speaker of the House, Thom Tillis,   Governor Pat McCrory and we will now be putting pressure on Senator Berger.

Let them know you are a voter, let them know your story, and ask them to extend the film incentives AS THEY ARE!

Contact these folks today :

Speaker Thom Tillis
PHONE: 919-733-3451
TWITTER: @ThomTillis

Gov. Pat McCrory
PHONE: 919-814-2000

Sen. Phil Berger (President Pro Tempore)
PHONE: 919-733-5708


I know it’s been a VERY, VERY long month, but we are strong in numbers and we can’t quit when we are so close to a decision being made that will either save your jobs or send you packing.  Don’t let them think for a second we stopped caring!  Make your calls everyday this week and let’s continue to fight to save our community!


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  2. Done and doner! While people tend to focus on the “Hollywood” films coming to NC, I am urging our legislature to remember that smaller films contribute to the economy, as well. SUSIE’S HOPE was financed through investments from NC investors, and spent over $1.5million in the state of NC. The film could not have been made without the incentives. Other low-budget films like DARK AWAKENING and THE TAKING rely upon those incentives to keep folks working. Should the incentives disappear, jobs will be lost permanently. I, personally, will have no choice but to move to another market. I wish all of my friends in NC film nothing but great success, however big or small your production is!

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