FILM INCENTIVES INTERVIEW: (AUDIO) Dr. Ernie Ward – Running for District 8 against Rabon

This morning I had the chance to speak with Dr. Ernie Ward who is against Sen. Rabon vying for district 8 in this November’s election.  He is a world renown veterinarian who had been involved in the media and film for years.  His focus is on the  public school system, our water and land, animal welfare and of course film.  here what he has to say aboutt he NC Film Incentives and why the grant program that Rabon is pushing just won’t work!



Dr. Ernie Ward
Phone: 910-849-1295
Email: Clay Pittman, Campaign Manger:
Twitter: @ErnieWard_

If you are an animal advocate, here’s a little video from his web site – Dr. Ernie Ward for NC Senate – North Carolina Advocate


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