WILMINGTON, NC – CREW CALL: Yellow Footprints

Crew Call:  Yellow Footprints (working title) is now accepting crew resumes. Send your resumes to Crew@snakebite.com with your position in the subject line.  Offices will open within the next two weeks.  Production is slated to begin in September.  This project will shoot in Wilmington and the surrounding areas.

“Untitled” Military Film (working title: Yellow Footprints) – SAG
STATUS: Pre-Production, Production begins in September
PRODUCER: Nick Dash, Brian Hettrick Jr.
ASSOC. PRODUCER: Kelly Heffernan, Karla Dieseldorff, Tyler Burford
WRITER: Nick Dash, Monica Lee Bellais
DIRECTOR: Casey Mako
CREW RESUMES TO: Crew@snakebite.com
“A coming of age movie that rises above the war and tells a story of Sara Chambers, a Female Marine, who struggles at home and on the front lines in a traditionally all male Marine Infantry Unit.”


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