EUE/Screen Gems statement RE: Governor Pat McCrory’s Visit

Governor Pat McCrory Visited EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington This Afternoon

Wilmington, N.C. (July 17) — North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory made a last- minute stop at EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington today. Executive Vice President Bill Vassar received a call just after lunch.

“The Governor’s people said he has some extra time between meetings and wanted to stop by,” says Vassar. “It was an unexpected but welcome surprise. The Governor wanted to see the studio, meet members of the crew and better understand our industry.”

Vassar said he and the Governor discussed the importance of the incentives to the health of the industry, and the Governor indicated that many issues hang in the balance as budget negotiations continue.

The tour lasted over an hour. The Governor toured the stages for “Under the Dome” (CBS), “Sleepy Hollow (FOX) and “Secrets and Lies” (ABC). Vassar said McCrory chose to spend more time than expected at the studios, and he speculated the Governor might have been a bit late for his next appointment.

“I’m glad the Governor came,” Vassar says. “It’s gratifying to know that we’re on his radar, and that he was willing to carve out time to see us and learn more about the industry. He understands our desire is to keep film alive in North Carolina.”


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