Wilmywood’s #SDCC afterglow.

Another amazing Comic Con has come and gone and we have the clips to prove it.


-The best of the panel discussion in 2 minutes.

EW’s got a bit of footage from an upcoming episode at Comic-Con from Friday afternoon. WATCH NOW



Hosted by Kevin Frasier (The Insider) once again.  Kevin introduces the characters and asks some great questions.  I have Part one posted and links and descriptions for Part 2-6.  Each clip is about 5 minutes long.

Part I (above)  – Kevin introduces, characters getting killed off, no one is safe.. How hard is it to lose your cast mates?  Can people come back from heaven?

Part II  People get out of the Dome. Eddie Cahill talks about Wilmington, What’s in that locker?  Who killed Angie?  Will Junior and Big Jim ever get along?

Part III   Blooming love triangle w/ Julia Barbie and Sam, Barbie kills Julia’s husband, yet Julia loves Barbie, Joe’s struggle with so much death around him as a kid, Hounds of Diana, hilarious product placement from cast.

Part IV Talks about Wilmington, Colin Ford talks about Wilmington crew, where to take future seasons, Stephen King on set, three to five seasons worth of material, Rachelle compares herself to Julia.

Part V    Hint of something that will make our jaws drop, Barbie’s father. Reasons behind Sam’s actions?  How are people reacting to all of this outside of the Dome? Q&A from fans.

Part VI   More Q&A from fans, Stephen King questions, Will Joe go for Norrie or Melanie,  Julia asked to do line from Twilight as Victoria.


– Ben Winchell and Ana Villafane had a blast, talking to fans of Max Steel, signing autographs, and hanging out with folks from EW, ET, XBox and more.  Here’s a few highlights via Twitter.

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