FILM INCENTIVES UPDATE: Saturday, August 2, 2014


Because of Susi Hamilton, Ted Davis and Frank Iler’s incredible efforts, we have managed to keep the film incentives debate front and center.

As of this moment SB763 is still alive.

And just so you know, it has a lot more than film within it.  There are things in there that is needed badly for North Carolina to continue to do business.  Bill 881,  the adjournment resolution, that has 763 and all the film language within it, has been sent to the Senate. The Senate reconvened at 11:15am this morning only to adjourn w/out taking up adjournment resolutions. Back next week.  I believe the Senate will reconvene this Tuesday at 10 am.

So, the battle begins all over again.

As for HB1224, the bill that many of the Senate members want so damn bad, the House refused to take it on yesterday and they did not take it on today.  It’s still sitting in the rules committee.

So once again, PLEASE send your emails and make those calls and THANK Hamilton, Davis and Iler for kicking some major ass for us!

Susi Hamilton

Ted Davis

Frank Iler


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  2. SB881 has the film industry stuff taken out of it. Sheila you have lost. You guys blew it big time. There’s always 2015 though. In the meantime do you vote FOR Ted Davis who voted FOR the budget without film incentives? Davis pandered to the film industry but in the end capitulated to his party making his character questionable.
    Here’s SB 881:

    Click to access S881v4.pdf

    Its time to admit defeat and start evaluating what you did wrong and how to correct it……

    • I am. What you probably not understanding is that 763 is not spelled out. It is in Section 2 Part 8. It’s buried in there, but it is a revenue law/technical corrections bill which is 763 which has got Ted’s Amendment. And yes Ted did vote for the budget, but remember the budget has nothing to do with the amendment. Thanks!

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