Sleepy Hollow Crew Member lands role on Gotham

Congrats to Wilmington crew member, Genevieve Barker!  She has landed a role on the soon to be hit show Gotham which airs this fall on Fox. She plays a reporter that challenges the mayor of Gotham in Episode 4. Typecast again, but hey she does it so damn well!  In fact, you may have seen her as an anchor woman or live reporter on such shows as Iron Man 3, the season finale of Homeland and Eastbound and Down,  HBO’s Mary and Martha and of course Dawson’s Creek. [See IMDbGotham will air before Sleepy Hollow, both premiering September 22nd. Gotham has been deemed the most-anticipated new drama this fall.
genevieve~rhWhen speaking to Genevieve, she revealed that she shot the scenes last week in New York.  Ohhhh, so, that’s where she was!

“I am so excited to see Fox roll out two blockbusters airing back to back this fall on Monday nights, says Genevieve.  “Sleepy Hollow and Gotham all in one great night.”  Currently she is working on Sleepy Hollow.  “It’s an amazing place to work as we have tremendous crew, excellent writing and talent. Gotham is cutting edge as well. It’s not NY, it’s its own place, so to speak, and it tells the story behind how Batman came to be. Plus you see the back story of corruption and how the villains tried to take over the city.”

Look for Genevieve’s episode to air, October 13th on Fox.  Stop on by her Facebook page and give her some major kudos!



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