Redenbaugh calls the Senate to action

Redenbaugh calls the Senate to action
August 11, 2014 –

Wilmington, N.C. – Today, as the State Senate gaveled in and out of session without making any decisions, the film industry still hangs in limbo. Elizabeth Redenbaugh, Candidate for the District 9 seat here in New Hanover County, calls the Senate to action.

“The film industry is a thriving, clean industry that has captured the charm of Wilmington for over three generations now. It directly employs over 2,000 people locally, over 4,200 people statewide and directly benefits over 500 local North Carolina businesses. This goes so much further than just the individuals on the set. If the Senate does not act, an estimated 25,000 people may have to make the decision to leave the state, leave the
profession they love, layoff their employees, find new ways to supplement their income or file for unemployment.

This mass exodus of families and jobs hurts everyone, regardless of political affiliation. The Senate needs to come together and protect North Carolina families and North Carolina film. They say they want to create jobs but are getting ready to send jobs right out of our state to places like Georgia and Louisiana. Senators, make the right decision. Go back into session and pass Representative Davis’ amendment,” said Redenbaugh.

Redenbaugh has always been an avid supporter of the film incentive. To learn more about Elizabeth Redenbaugh go to or


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