The Longest Ride receives big welcome from Elkin, NC.

We all know that small businesses benefit in a huge way when any film production rolls into a location.  And the town of Elkin, NC was armed and ready.

Elkin rests on the Yadkin River in Surry and Wilkes counties.  The population is around 4,000 and is 6.2 square miles. It has been deemed one of the coolest town’s in America. Seriously, look how adorable this town is:

As the cast and crew of The Longest Ride headed 40 miles to the west of Winston-Salam, they had no idea just how charming the people were as well.  When they arrived at their hotel, they got quite a warm welcome.

The hotel greeted the production with a catered reception provided by a local eatery – they had a buffet, with hors d’oeuvres, wine and other snacks.

TotebagI was told the owners were so excited about them coming to town and choosing their hotel, that they wanted everything to be perfect for their week and a half stay.

The hotel had replaced all of the in-room furniture just for them, and upon arrival the cast and crew were handed totebags with goodies and info about the local attractions and businesses.

One of the crew members said, “Everyone in town has been so welcoming, and we’re very excited to spend our free time, and per diem, at many of the local businesses.”

The cast and crew are in multiple hotels and are enjoying the beginning of their stay.

NC Film – everyone benefits.




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