What can NC attract with the $10 Million Film Grant?

If the gavel goes down on the short session without including the film incentives, and we are 100% stuck with the $10 million Grant, our friend Jeff Hidek from the Star News put out a great visual. Remember I said IF. Even though things look quite grim, the short session is not over.  However, if some productions can bypass all the hoops to jump through and can wait until January 1st to apply for the grant, this is what we can expect to attract. And of course we could only land a handful because the money would go fast. That being said, very well done, Jeff. READ ARTICLE NOW in regards to this illustration.

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  1. http://www.wral.com/lawmakers-give-up-on-coal-ash-medicaid-reform-/13897633/

    “But later Friday, after a contentious debate over a Senate gambit to link a fix for teacher assistant funding to an economic development measure, House Speaker Thom Tillis announced the House would pass the “sine die” resolution instead.”

    “Tillis said the House and the Senate still disagree on “some technical parts of the bill” and would work out those differences in the interim. He added that there’s little difference between coming back in November to pass a bill and waiting until January.

    “A new group of legislators will be in in January,” he pointed out.”

    Looks like EVEN november won’t happen.

      • Well Sheila the legislature continues to confound everyone – today the HOUSE rejected the incentives package (that was tied to teachers assistants). I thought that the corporatization of NC would get THIS bill through but even the GOP split on this one. It appears as though there is no one “slant” to what they are doing. I am curious that the revenues projections may be far worse than expected and this is causing the Legislature to reject any and all spending packages no matter how much they are needed. It is a bizarre legislative session that raises more questions than it answers……….

  2. Boy, I’m really going to miss all the banter between you two. On one hand you’ve got Vog, who is obviously just a political nut who enjoys pushing buttons and getting all kinds of reactions. On the other hand you have a radio dj that claims to know all there is about the state of filmmaking in NC. Nice little blog you have here, but your facts and figures are all wrong. Also contrary to popular belief, Wilmington is not the birthplace of film in North Carolina. No that honor would go to a small town in the piedmont called Shelby. Yes they were making movies at Earl Owensby Studios way back in the 1970’s. The only way Wilmington ever came into the picture was because Dino DeLaurentis and Earl Owensby couldn’t come to terms on certain issues with the making of Firestarter and the use of Owensby’s Shelby studio facilities. The then Governor of NC Mr. James Hunt made arrangements with the city of Wilmington and New Hanover County to sell the former landfill on 23rd st. for DeLuurentis’ studio facility for the whopping sum of $1.00. Yes, indeed , talk about an incentive. Just wanted to share a bit of NC filmmaking history before it’s completely gone and people like Ms. Brothers and others distort the facts of how our industry actually began in this state. Just bestowing proper credit where credit is due.

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