REMINDER: NC Film Photo – Saturday – Be there

Don’t forget!  Please make sure to attend tomorrow!

Battleship Park

Brownie Harris will be taking the group photo Group Photo.

They are looking for Film Crew Families, All Actors, Background “Extras” and their families, Business Owners and families, Location Providers, Support Services & Vendors, anyone who has ever worked with, on, or for a production that has filmed in North Carolina.  If you are a tourist and you came to Wilmington specifically because of film, you are invited as well!

They will be documenting the residents and families of Southeastern North Carolina with a massive group photograph of all those who will be affected by the loss of the Film Incentives.  Brownie Harris will be the fab photog. RSVP NOW

Cape Fear Regional Soccer Park
205 Sutton Steam Plant Road
Wilmington, NC 28401

We will shuttle people to the event by way of Trolly Car and Limousine.

If you have any questions, please do not send them to me.  I am not organizing this event, just helping to get the word out.  Click on their Facebook invite and post your questions there.



  1. Funny thing about the picture – lots of kids in it. Also lots of spouses, which is to be expected. I would guess that actual film workers totalled about 400 out of the “estimated” 800. I assume some were working which is a good thing.
    However, we(you) have to face some rather glaring realizations:
    A – you didn’t get a majority of your workers there if theres 1000 locally.
    B – 700 folks is not a very politically motivating numbers. Heck we lost MORE people than that when DAK closed and Mundy Maintenance cut back at the DAK locations – yet we had nary a peep from film people about supporting those workers.
    C – film supporters have always said THOUSANDS would be affected by the loss of filming here. So, where are they? Where are the lumber sales people? The local shop owners? The realtors who would lose by losing the housing associated with film rentals etc????
    You are drastically over playing your self serving sense of importance to this state – especially when independent studies confirm that filming is a losing proposition for most states !! Your rally attendance numbers are showing your weakness.
    Nice try but you are harming your cause not helping it.
    I know Sheila will come out and say we are important we are “somebody” and that’s OK because she admits to being a big cheerleader for filming. Cheerleaders cheer even when their team stinks !! Evaluate what I said above with some decorum of independent thought – put it in the context of how you compare to the DAK/Mundy employees who lost their jobs – and how THOSE company’s did NOT get to be here tax free, who did NOT get reduced property taxes and who do not get 25% of their operating budgets returned to them every year…….

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